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We are an international chess club where every player is welcome - no rating limit is required. It doesn't matter whether you are a good or not so good chess player. It is important that we enjoy playing chess and that we have respect for each other. We look forward to welcoming you to our club.


  • 09.06.2022 - Club League: Team II finishes the Club League in 2nd place - congrats!
  • 09.06.2022 - Club League: The Lord of the Gambits strikes - Uwe scores 10 out of 10 - what a bloke!
  • 04.06.2022 - Club League: Taz delivers 10 out of 10 - fandabidozi!
  • 02.06.2022 - Club League: Baz secures win for Team II vs Club_Der_Fairen_Spieler Team VI - well done!


top-three tournament finishes

Club vs. Club Matches

final score: Bienenfreunde x International Club x

final score: International Club 6,5 De Äggsbärden 7,5

Club League 2023

Club League 2022

  • International Club Team I 7,0 TSVM_Berlin III 3,0
  • International Club Team I 7,0 Young_and_Beautiful III 3,0
  • International Club Team I 8,0 Club_Der_Fairen_Spieler Team V 2,0
  • International Club Team I 10 Fussballfans_Clan Team V 0
  • International Club Team I 9,0 web-schach Team III 1,0
  • International Club Team II 5,5 Fussballfans_Clan Team IV 4,5
  • International Club Team II 6,0 Club_Der_Fairen_Spieler Team VI 4,0
  • International Club Team II 4,0 Bienenfreunde Team I 6,0
  • International Club Team II 6,5 power_premium_spezial V 3,5
  • International Club Team II 7,0 web-schach IV 3,0


Player Name First Name Country Entry Date Status
BazSouthern Baz England 21.06.21 aktiv
CompleteUnknown Taz England 04.07.21 aktiv
Doc.Haluday Igor Germany 17.09.22 aktiv
FrBo Frank Germany 18.11.21 aktiv
G_v_F Uwe Germany 04.07.21 aktiv
Holtschke Uwe Germany 03.07.21 aktiv
HONDA700 Wolfgang Germany 11.08.21 aktiv
jan_eric Jan Eric Netherlands 16.07.21 aktiv
kafuzius Karl-Friedrich Germany 20.07.21 aktiv
Kratzparov Bernhard Germany 02.12.21 inaktiv
MasterKing89 Philimon Pule South Africa 14.11.22 aktiv
no_vice Jürgen Germany 03.09.22 aktiv
RafikiFranz Franz Germany 10.02.22 aktiv
Sanjo19 Sascha Germany 30.09.21 inaktiv
SaorAlba Sven Germany 26.06.21 aktiv
Sir_bildexxy Bilal Nigeria 16.12.21 aktiv
viva_la_zappa Uli Germany 26.06.21 aktiv

Members of the past

DreckSak; Jack_Mate; mazerunner; daydreamer1981; u.n.known; Mattratzito; Immenvater

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